Miki Takagi

To be straight forward, "Speedtrimming®"
does not mean that the time we take care
of your dog is short or quick.
We have always been looking for ways to
make restless dogs feel comfortable
and safe during grooming.

Making dogs calm down when they are
and uncomfortable.
Dogs with sticky fur refusing to get shampooed.
My staff and I struggling for hours untangling
the fur balls.
I started this job because I loved dogs,
but I wasn’t enjoying it at all.
There was no understanding in such a relationship.
Nothing was going well for us or the dogs.
I realized myself emotionally and physically drained.

A year and a half after I went independent,
I left my staff behind and went
to the United States alone.
I gave my staff a lot of trouble.
However, I was prepared to close my store if
I couldn't find a solution during this trip to the US.
The relationship with the dogs
was supposed to be fun.
I thought that I would be able to share
joy with the dogs,
but the reality was different.
I couldn't build a trustful relationship with
the dogs,
while many customers came to the store and
made appointments.
I was overloaded with
work and could barely keep up.
Yes, grooming became just a job
that I didn't feel good about.
Was this really what I wanted?
I had so many doubts.

My experience in Connecticut,
was completely different.
I worked as an unpaid intern for
three months straight.
The education from my vocational school,
the training
from a store in Japan,
and the things
I had learned on my own
were not useful at all.
I was amazed at how quickly and neatly the work
was done without any stress.

The question they constantly posed was
Is that really the way you want to do it? 
Does it make the dog feel good?
Aren't you just forcing your ego to do the work?
I was constantly questioned about the nature of the work.

That's right.
I love dogs.
But did I really try to understand how they felt?
Would I do the same with my own dog?

Are the dogs coming for the first time really
with the atmosphere of my store?
Are they not scared?
Dogs can't speak,
that's why I have to imagine
how they feel when I touch them.

I realized why grooming had to be done speedily.
I learned that there are ideas, techniques,
and tools that are suitable for this.
And I finally felt my doubts clearing up.

All for the sake of your dog.
Spending plenty of time to let the dog get adjusted before
grooming is also an important and
unique method of "SPEEDTRIMMING".
Again, don't get me wrong, "Speedtrimming®"
does not mean that the time we spend
with your dog
is short or quick.
It is not a method that lets groomers cut corners.

With our new method called "Speedtrimming®",
we strive to give your dog as little stress as possible.
As groomer, we are confident in our ability
to provide
beautiful and speedy grooming service.

Let us take care of your beloved pet.

All for your dog! ・・・・・・・・・・・

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